Matthew Gharrity

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Matthew Gharrity portrait
Me at a glance
  • Cornell University, Computer Science, summa cum laude
  • Google SWE full time, Android Studio IDE Platform team (current)
  • Google SWE internships, Android Runtime team and Android Studio Core team
  • ACM-ICPC World Finalist
  • Research, Prof. Andrew Myers, LLVM back end for the Polyglot compiler
  • Coursework in advanced systems, advanced algorithms, compilers, distributed systems, operating systems, machine learning, databases, combinatorics, ...
  • Course consultant for OS & Honors OO Design
  • For more, see my resume
What I look for
  • Projects benefiting from attention to detail, such as compilers and distributed systems
  • Projects where performance matters
  • Modern programming languages such as C++11, Kotlin, ...
  • Well maintained code and a willingness to address technical debt
  • Colleagues who value personal growth
  • Ability to bike to work
  • Living near mountains